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This chart list all of the 2017 Spittin In Da Wip emcee’s and keeps track of their rank and stats.

The chart totals the points each emcee has accumulated from each category from every appearance they made. It also keeps track of all the wins an emcee has made in each category.

The chart will be updated as we get more SIDW episodes done and at the end of the year we’ll be awarding the top emcee’s with the most total points in each criteria (Skill, Content, Delivery, Freestyle, Stamina). Our ratings are subject to change in this chart as the year goes on.

Emcee’s can appear on the show once per competition. We plan on doing one every month so that’s 12 times an emcee can appear on the show within a year.
The ratings below are from the Staff Rating Results ONLY.

NOTE: Click on the titles in the chart to see which emcee who’s winning each category so far.


1nik vrsi, spittin in da wipNik Vrsi9.
3Josiah HotwireJosiah Hotwire8.539.799.199.537.158.8444.19
4Double AB , AugustDouble AB (AUG 17)7.219.7699.1998.8344.16
5frsh aireFrsh Aire (Aug 17)
6d nasty AUG 2017D-Nasty (AUG 17)
7D-Nasty ThaMastaD-Nasty (JAN 17)
8MC KnowledgeMC Knowledge5.779.189.049.6298.5242.61
9mighty casey profileMighty Casey6.3788.739.89.68.542.50
10D-nasty October ProfileD-Nasty (OCT 17)6.178.599.19.439.199.1942.48
11Stahhr SIDWStahhr8.398.
12Osyris Antham ProfileOsyris Antham6.048.529.178.569.28.341.49
13john o augustJohn O (AUG 17)5.748.998.568.839.038.2341.15
14John O SIDWJohn O (MAR 17)688.59.0398.1140.53
15D ChamberzD.Chamberz688.558.938.968.0940.44
16Super King Armor ProfileSuper King Armor6.6488.359.367.898.0540.24
17Tim Hicks, cornel west theoryTim Hicks8.698.2988.126.687.9639.78
18MC WhiteOwl head shotMC Whiteowl5.
19cambatta Profile pictureCambatta9.39.019.338.023.537.8939.19
20Parry P, Parry ParryParry P5.237.8988.798.997.7838.90
21Tenn Stacks SIDW augustTENN STACKS (AUG 17)
22boogz picasso profileBoogsz Picasso6.518.766.417.958.197.5637.82
23She realShe Real9.29.789.239.5507.5437.76
24Bran Nu, spittin in da wipBran Nu8.768.
25Panama ReddPanama Redd9.
26substantial headshotSubstantial68.137.957.5887.5337.66
27demorne warren spittin in da wipDemorne Warren8.
28merc the big body benzMerc The Big Body Benz9.239.379.419.2607.4537.27
29Young DevynYoung Devyn8.839.759.159.1307.3736.86
30D.Cross Profile PicD.Cross4.48.055.919.78.267.2636.32
31chief69 profileChief696.346.047.029.817.027.2536.23
32malc dat, sidw 2Malc Dat (OCT 17)7.958.157.358.424.337.2436.20
33Q The ProphetQ The Prophet9.138.998.499.5307.2336.14
34double ab spittin in da wipDouble AB (JAN 17)
35Grizzy HendrixGrizzy Hendrix9.
36Lady slim profileLady Slim6.287.087.0577.356.9534.76
37ANS Spittin in Da Wip profileA.N.S.
38Raphael xavierRaph98.28.658.070.646.9134.56
39sean conn profileSean Conn5.
40Sav KillzSav Killz5.775.815.67.827.856.5732.85
41Cayn SparxCayn Sparx5.417.657.886.715.16.5532.75
42malc dat, profileMalc Dat (April 17)7.898.228.068.506.5332.67
44izreal medina 2Izreal Medina3.53.859.79.696.3431.69
45tyi flowsTyi Flows5.345.676.047.865.66.130.51
47prossess profile pictureProssess55.
48Chase MoneyChase Money3.84.664.766.245.975.0925.43
49Moonwalker SwizzMoonwalker Swizz5.9155.038.4604.8824.40
50Danny BishopDanny Bishop3.525.134.566.1434.4722.35

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1D-nasty October ProfileD-Nasty (OCT 17)9.19
2malc dat, sidw 2Malc Dat (OCT 17)7.24
3Q The ProphetQ The Prophet7.23
4sean conn profileSean Conn6.67
5Cayn SparxCayn Sparx6.55
6Chase MoneyChase Money5.09
7Moonwalker SwizzMoonwalker Swizz4.88
8Danny BishopDanny Bishop4.47

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