January SIDW Competition Chart 2017

Crazy Al Cayne, D-Nasty
2usamighty casey profileMighty Casey6.3788.739.89.68.5042.50
3usaMC WhiteOwl head shotMC Whiteowl5.
4usademorne warren spittin in da wipDemorne Warren8.
5usaizreal medina 2Izreal Medina3.53.859.79.696.34131.69

These are the stats and ranking for the  January 2017 Spittin In Da Wip competition.
The ratings are based off the STAFF RATING ONLY!

Click on each category title to see who won each category.(Click once for lowest to highest, click twice for highest to lowest)

POINTS: We’re doing a points chase series for 2017 where we add up emcee’s STAFF RATING score(skill, content, delivery, freestyle & stamina) from every appearance they make on the show this year. The emcee with the highest points wins. Emcee’s can only be on an episode once per monthly competition.
WINS: We keep track of all the categories an emcee wins for each competition
AVG: The average combined rating score
CLICK HERE for a break down of the “PEOPLE’S CHOICE” results


Best Content: Demorne Warren
Best Delivery: Double AB
Best Skills: D-Nasty
Most Stamina: D-Nasty
Best Freestyle: Izreal Medina
Top Emcee: D-Nasty
People’s Choice: Unorthodock


SIDW Top Emcee’s Competition #2, (JANUARY 2017)

SIDW Jan 17 peoples Choice Winner

CONTEST #2 People’s Choice Results (Jan 2017)