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SIDW Top Emcee Competition #1


Top Emcees Comp

SIDW Top Emcee Competition #1

Competition #1 Emcee’s: Mazzi, Baxter Wordsworth, Jess James, Frsh Aire, Mook Boy. Watch them all below.

This is our first competition for new Spittin In Da Wip website and competition format. We’ve made a total overhaul of the ratings system and some minor changes to the award categories. We now have 3 award categories:
1. Top Overall Emcee (the combined rating from the SIDW Staff and Viewers)
2. Top Emcee (Top Rated episode by the SIDW staff)
3. People’s Choice (Viewer Only Ratings)
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The video player features the latest 5 episodes/Competitors.
The chart above is the emcee’s current Staff and Viewer rating and current order that their ranked. From the chart you can click on the emcee’s name and you will be taken to their episode page where you can rate it or you you can rate the all below.
Viewers have until October 31st to rate these episodes.

We’ll announce the winners of the 3 categories soon after. The competition is still in beta mode so we may make adjustments along the way until we’re 100% happy with the new setup.

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