Malc Dat

malc dat, sidw 2
malc dat, sidw 2
Malc Dat
United States
Home Town
Spittin In Da Wip
2017 T.Points, April 2017, OCT 2017
“Malc Dat” was born in the South Philly section of Philadelphia to a family that is one of the cornerstones of that particular community. “Malc Dat” realized his love of music at an early age. Malc began to hone his skills in his teens using his tough upbringing and undying love for his hood to propel his hard edged metaphors and lyrics. After some personal challenges in his adult hood including the death of a close personal friend, and the incarceration of his brother, “Malc Dat” has a renewed sense of focus and energy concerning his career, and feels he is on the brink of something special. Spittin lyrics with his unique delivery, He is currently managed by Chrisspevents and will be dropping his long anticipated promotional CD in the very near future. Until then you can follow Malc on his youtube channel MalcDat7 as he records new songs with various artist around the world, on Twitter @getemmalc, and on instagram MalcDat. Malc’s question to all who visit his pages is ” Are you listening? “
1st place in Philly song Battle
3rd place in Philly Rep your Brand Competition
2nd Place in Philly Rep your Brand Competition 2nd Edition
1st place Philly Fame Cypher
“People’s Choice” Spittin In Da Wip (April 2017)

SIDW Competition Results

April 20177.958.228.068.506.531132.73
OCT 20177.958.157.358.424.337.241036.20

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