Tenn Stacks (JAN 16)

tenn stacks
tenn stacks
Tenn Stacks (JAN 16)
United States
Spittin In Da Wip
2016, 2017 T.Points, AUG 2017, Jan 2016

T.E.N.И. S.T.A.C.K.S., which means The Educated Negro Never Stops Teaching Another Cat Knowledge and Swagg, is a nationally recognized Hip-Hop, Spoken Word Artist and Community Activist. His life journey began off stage in the wings of venues like Madison Square Garden, The Supper Club, The Gullah Festival and The Black Arts Festival watching, listening and learning as his mother, Sister Griot and the Original Last Poets schooled and captivated audiences. In the wings he began to hone his craft as a child while morphing into a truly gifted and unique artist. He is also Founder and CEO of Hollatainment Records Inc. He has opened for T.I., Lil Scrappy and countless other Internationally touring artists. As a Community Activist he has fed the homeless, organized community protests and registered over 3,000 new voters. TENИ STACKS will never allow a 3 Card Monty to be played with his name. He recognizes that no matter how clever, there are no winners in a no win game. Some call him Harlem Warrior, others call him TENИ STACKS and he’s even called Noble by a select few. He knows it doesn’t matter what they call you, it only matters what you answer to. And can’t nobody stop what GOD deems you’re due.
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