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April Contest 2017

This is the chart for Spittin In Da Wip Top Emcee’s from April 2017.

The chart keeps track of all the stats an emcee has made in each category. The stats are subject to change throughout the month as new emcees get added to the list.

By the end of the month we’ll be announcing who the winners of each category is on this page.

The chart also adds the rating scores from each criteria for a total point score. This number increases the more episode an emcee appears on within the year. We do a new round of episodes/contest every month and an emcee can appear on the show once per Month/episode.
The ratings below are from the Staff Rating Results ONLY.
NOTE: Click on the titles in the chart below to see which emcee who’s winning each category. results are subject to change at any time before the offical winners announcement is made

April Contest 2017

RankEmceeContentDeliverySkillStaminaFree BonusAvgApperancesWinsPts
1nik vrsi, spittin in da wipNik Vrsi9.2499.
2MC KnowledgeMC Knowledge5.779.188.799.629.898.651043.25
3Tim Hicks, cornel west theoryTim Hicks8.698.2988.126.687.961039.78
4Bran Nu, spittin in da wipBran Nu8.768.
5merc the big body benzMerc The Big Body Benz9.239.379.419.2607.451037.27
6Raphael xavierRaph9.378.28.658.070.646.991034.93
7Parry P, Parry ParryParry P5.2375.478.398.026.821034.11
8malc dat, profileMalc Dat7.898.228.067.0506.241031.22

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