MARCH 2017 Contest

This is the chart for Spittin In Da Wip Top Emcee’s from March 2017. The list keeps track of all the rank and stats.

The chart keeps track of all the wins an emcee has made in each category(This feature updates once the month is over).

The chart will be updated as we get more SIDW episodes done for the month and by the end of the month we’ll be announcing who the winners of each category is.

The chart also calculates the rating scores each emcee has accumulated from each category for a total point score. This number increases the more episode an emcee appears on within the year. We do a new round of episodes/contest every month and an emcee can appear on the show once per Month/episode.

The ratings below are from the Staff Rating Results ONLY.
NOTE: Click on the titles in the chart below to see which emcee who’s winning each category. results are subject to change at any time before the offical winners announcement is made


Best Content: Cambatta
Best Delivery: Grizzy Hendrix
Best Skillz: Cambatta
Most Stamina: Cheif69
Best Freestyle: John O
Top Emcee: John O (Highest overall rating)
People’s Choice: Cheif69 (User Rating: 9.51, Votes: 33)

MARCH 2017 Contest

1usaJohn O SIDWJohn O (MAR 17)-688.59.0398.111240.53
2usaJohn O SIDWJohn O-688.59.0398.111240.53
3usacambatta Profile pictureCambatta-
4usaboogz picasso profileBoogsz Picasso-6.518.766.417.958.197.561037.82
5usasubstantial headshotSubstantial-68.137.957.5887.531037.66
6usaD.Cross Profile PicD.Cross-
7usachief69 profileChief69-6.346.047.029.817.027.251236.23
8usaGrizzy HendrixGrizzy Hendrix-
9usaANS Spittin in Da Wip profileA.N.S.-
10usaprossess profile pictureProssess-

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