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Sha 120

sha 120 Profile

Sha 120 was born in Flatbush Brooklyn and moved to Far Rockaway Queens at the age of 13. After a 15 year hiatus, Sha 120 returned to Far Rockaway and took the title of “Uncle of the Rockaways”.

He considers his music as “rapoetry”. His musical influence came from artists like Rakim, BDP, Common, And One, and also UTFO.

Sha 120 is associated with distinguished gentleman under the guidance of “DEADVISION Entertainment” and “Krazeworld Productions”.
His unique style of lyrical content is very influential and he is also positive mentor to residents of the Far Rockaway Community.

February 2016 episode:

SIDW Competition Results

MonthContentDeliverySkillStaminaFree BonusAvgApperancesWinsPts
Feb 1678.

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