Spittin In Da Wip Is Now Powered By #GoProMusic

Bukue One, SIDW Episode 318, #GoProMusic

The Spittin In Da Wip movement is growing and it has now caught the attention of the good folks at GoPro!! Before recent Spittin in Da Wip alumni Bukue One was featured on the show, he caught wind of Spittin In Da Wip by long time fan of the show Cecelia Westman aka Mika. Bukue was so impressed with the movement and the list of legends that have appeared on the show that he presented it to GoProMusic!

Since we already were using an old gopro and fish eye lenses on our current cameras at the time it was only fitting that GoPro show us support by supplying us with an awesome GoPro upgrade!!

Going forward all the new Spittin In Da Wip episodes will be shot entirely on GoPro’s!! We may even work out getting some GoPro’s as prizes for the winners of our future monthly competitions, stay tuned for that!

We are super excited to supported by GoPro and are looking forward to create more creative and legendary episodes of Spittin In Da Wip in the near future!!

Big Shout out and Salute to Michael Hannan at GoPro for all his amazing support for Spittin In Da Wip!

About GoProMusic:
“GoPro’s Media Group is starving for music tracks of all kinds that we can consider for use as soundtracks for our video edits. We use our videos to promote the GoPro brand and our line of camera products and accessories. Therefore, we appreciate permission to use your music for commercial purposes.”
Find out more HERE


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RA Certified, Spittin In Da Wip Ep#319 #GoProMusic

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