And Ya Don’t Stop, Nov 15

This chart list shows the top ranked emcees that took the least pauses during the beat. We called it the “Spit Stamina”. The emcee who has endless rhymes and knows how to spit without stopping gets the “And Ya Don’t Stop” title of the month!

The beats are about 4mins so there’s plenty of time for emcee’s to spit as many bars as they want. But if you have to stop and think about what rhyme to say next or take too long to start your vers, you won’t be getting many Stamina points.

And Ya Don’t Stop, Nov 15

2usaBorn EternalBorn Eternal9.2
5usaMiss She IllMiss.She.Ill5
6usaBeanz ProfileBeanz3.3

Nov 2015 Top Emcee Competition

Special Delivery, NOV 2015