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Scienze On Spittin In Da Wip (2012)

scienze, spittin in da wip, crazy al cayne

On this episode we got Scienze back on the show while we were down in the ATL for the A3C Festival. We were lucky enough to get a convertible Mustang for the show which was dope! This was one of the first episodes that we ever did in a convertible.

We got a lil stylish with the shots using a 2nd car for some different angles. Big shout out to our peoples Spinny B and Tru Self for rocking the B camera. We also had Spittin In Da Wip alumni Napoleon Da Legend rocking the camera in the car and of course our dude C.Truth driving.

We have to get some more convertible car episodes this summer 4sho!!

scienze, spittin in da wip, crazy al cayne

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