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Baxter Wordsworth


Baxter Wordsworth

Baxter Wordsworth
United States
Spittin In Da Wip
Dec 16


Baxter P. Wordsworth is not interested in writing a bio about Baxter P. Wordsworth. He’s an interesting guy sure enough, but biographies are for dead people or people who plan to die, of which he is neither.
I mean, honestly, what do you need to know? That he’s performed at places like Hiro Ballroom, Public Assembly, Columbia University, and the Bowery Poetry Club (just to name a few)? Or that he’s opened for artists such as Talib Kweli and Lyfe Jennings? Or that he used to be in a group called Rebel Starr?
Perhaps you’d like to know that he was raised in the distant land of St. Albans, Queens. Or that his favorite color is aquamarine. What does any of this have to do with the music, anyway? He could’ve opened for Jesus—it wouldn’t change the music. This biodegradable biography is starting to sound more like a resume—and what’s the point of being a rapper if you have to have a resume?
Here’s a fun fact I’m sure you’ll find more interesting than Bax stats: I, the writer of this bio, am a very beautiful black woman who can only do this kind of work completely butt-ass naked, and Mr. Wordsworth is paying me in massage oil and unlimited trips to Six Flags to write this. No, really—I can’t make this stuff up, well, I could but I’m not.
All other inquiries one may have about the artist Baxter P. Wordsworth, i.e., producers he’s worked with, complete discography, shoe size, Sun Sign, Moon Sign, etc., can be directed to his official website,
You’ve made it to the end of this bio,

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