Nik Vrsi

nik vrsi, spittin in da wip
nik vrsi, spittin in da wip
Nik Vrsi
United States
Spittin In Da Wip
2017 T.Points, April 2017

Born near Detroit, raised in Gainesville, FL, and currently based in Brooklyn, Nik VRSI creates music that seeks to fuse a variety of genres. With a firm base in opera and hip hop, Nik VRSI seeks to create self-aware, engaging, and addictive music to resonate with the widest audiences possible, while staying true to the pursuit of important and uncompromising art.

From a base firmly rooted in hip hop and classical, Nik VRSI incorporates Latin, EDM, Jazz, and top notch story telling to create album quality music.

SIDW Competition Results

2017 T.Points9.
April 20179.
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