Feb 2016 Top Emcee Competition

This list displays the results and rank from the FEB 2016 Competition. Each Month we’ll be shooting new episodes and rating each emcee to find out who the top male and female emcee’s of the month is.

This is the main list/chart for the month of February. You can view this chart to see where each artist stands in the ranking. We’ll be awarding the Best male, Best female and best overall emcee of the month from this list.

There are different criteria that we rate the performances to determine who the top emcees are.

  • Delivery(“Special Delivery”): This criteria is based on an emcee’s ability to deliver their bars. We can hear what your spittin but can we feel it?
  • Content (“Deeper Than Atlantis”): This criteria is based on the content that the emcee is talking about. Is it deep? Is it imaginative? Is it conscious? Is it creative? All of those factors and more go into how we rate Content. If your not talking about much in your rhyme or your not creative with your content, you won’t be getting a high rating in this criteria.
  • Lyrical Skill (“Wordsmith”): This criteria is based on how the emcee’s put their words together, their flow, the complexity of the flow,
  • Stamina(“And Ya Don’t Stop”): Based on the emcee’s ability to rock the whole beat. The beats are about 4mins so there’s plenty of time for emcee’s to spit as many bars as they want. But if you have to stop and think about what rhyme to say next or take too long to start your vers, you won’t be getting many Stamina points.
  • Freestyle Bonus (“Freestyle Wizard”): This criteria is based on an emcee’s freestyle. The length and quality of the freestyle are also factors to the rating. Remember all the other criteria’s apply to the freestyle so make sure you bring your best bars. Don’t try to be a hero and spit some garbage freestyle and think your gonna rank hi because you did a free,  ALWAYS BRING YOUR A++ GAME! 
  • What do we consider a “Freestyle”?  A freestyle is not pre-written or memorized……it spontaneous, fresh bars off the top of your head.
  • Cursing: We Do Not allow cursing. If you curse during your verse it will have a Negative effect on your rating

We’re aware that not everyone will agree with some of the ratings we give out and even if a episode doesn’t get a high rating doesn’t mean the emcee wasn’t good.  We do however strive to keep our ratings as honest and on point as possible.

It was a tough decision to pick the best male emcee between Mikal and Sha but we had to give it to Mikal Amin on this one. Both emcee’s did their thing. Stay tuned for next months competition.

Feb 2016 Top Emcee Competition

usasha 120 ProfileSha 12078.
usaMikal AminMikal Amin5.

And Ya Don’t Stop, JAN 2016

And Ya Don’t Stop FEB 2016