Super King Armor

Super King Armor Profile
Super King Armor Profile
Super King Armor
United States
Spittin In Da Wip
2017 T.Points, AUG 2017

A low key, O.D. Charles Barkley, a verbal Chuck Norris on beat. This best describes the sound on stage and recordings by Super King Armor. Always finishing with brutal efficiency on the mic, ugly! This coincides with his stage presence which is like ‘Animal’ from the muppets. A physical performer. He is verbose with his lyrics and brutally honest regarding life and how hes lived it.

SIDW Competition Results

2017 T.Points6.6488.359.367.898.051040.24
AUG 20176.6488.359.367.898.051040.24
Young Devyn

Young Devyn

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