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  • Hired Gun Spittin In Da Wip
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    Mikal Amin #312 (FEB 2016)

    Mikal Amin who’s formerly known as The Hired Gun hops back In Da Wip for his 3rd appearance spitting bars on the show. This time around he spit another freestyle for the whole beat. He came up with something to say about everything Crazy Al Cayne pulled out from the back of the truck. Mikal […] More

  • Sha 120, Crazy Al Cayne
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    Sha 120 #311

    On this episode of Spittin In Da Wip we got our first emcee for the February 2016 competition, Far Rockaway emcee, Sha 120 to spit some fire bars courtesy of Krazeworld Productions. We were loving Sha’s energy when he spit his bars, he was going in! In the driver’s seat this time around we got […] More

  • Crazy Al Cayne, Tenn Stacks
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    Tenn Stacks #310, (JAN 2016 Comp)

    We got Harlem’s own Tenn Stacks on our first SIDW episode for January 2016. He’s not only a dope emcee but he’s also the¬†Founder & CEO of Hollatainment Records Inc. Big up to C.Truth of Thermal Soundwaves Radio for driving da wip!! CLICK ON THE COMMENT BOX BELOW TO RATE THIS EPISODE More

  • Born Eternal
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    Born Eternal #309

    Kraze World¬†emcee Born Eternal hopped in DA Wip to show us his skills on the mic. He spit a freestyle from the top to the bottom and he even held it down when Crazy Al Cayne started bringing out those random items. Big shout out to Spittin In Da Wip co host C.Truth for handling […] More

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    Vietnam #308

    We got Kraze World Productions emcee Vietnam on this episode to spit some bars in DA Wip! Since we had a little bit of ride back to our meeting location and since the cameras were still running we decided to do a little fun cipher on another beat lol! CLICK ON THE COMMENT BOX BELOW […] More

  • Beanz Spittin In Da Wip
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    Beanz #307

    Reading, PA emcee Beanz gets in DA Wip to showcase her skillz on the mic on this episode of Spittin In Da Wip! For the new episodes of Spittin In Da Wip Crazy Al Cayne added some old beats that he produced into the selection. Check out how Beanz delivers over one of Crazy Al’s […] More

  • D-Nasty Tha Masta, Spittin In Da Wip (2)
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    D-Nasty Episode #306

    H2C2, Rapathon, Singers Lounge alumni and Co-host of Equilibrium Radio D-Nasty spits an epic freestyle on this episode of Spittin In Da Wip. This talented emcee spit a freestyle from beginning to end effortlessly. Even when Crazy Al Cayne started bringing in different items D-Nasty didn’t miss a beat. CLICK ON THE COMMENT BOX BELOW […] More

  • Farrow Spittin In Da Wip
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    Farrow Episode #305

    Minneapolis bred emcee Farrow hopped In Da Wip to showcase his skills on the MIC! Farrow did his thing with some tight bars. Most of it was written be we did get him to spit some freestyle bars at the end. Big up to Tenn Stacks and Mr Metasen for rocking the cameras on this […] More

  • Miss.She.Ill Spittin In Da Wip (62)
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    Miss.She.Ill Episode #304

    It’s been a min since we did a new episode of Spittin In Da Wip so to set things off for a new season  of SIDW we did our first ever episode of Spittin In Da Bus! This inaugural episode features  L.A. emcee Miss.She.Ill who came along with her producer DJ I-Cue of Ingenious Music […] More

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